Individual tax (T1) filing procedures.

Step One: Authorization and engagement

Use the link below to sign CRA authorization

Step two: Submit basic information

Each individual needs to fill a separate webform below.

Please specify your spouse information on your form (spouse area), so we can couple your returns together.

Upload tax slips with webform. Try to limit your each attached file size to 3MB or under.

Don’t worry about making mistakes, we can follow up with you later.

Step Three: If you have rental income

If you have rental income, please fill the webform below.

Provide separate information for each property.

All the amounts should be for that reporting year only.

Ignore this step if you don’t have rental income.

Step Four: If you have self-employed income

If you have self-employed income, please fill the webform below

Use a separate form if you have more than one business

Ignore this step if you don’t have self-employed income

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Personal tax calculator and BC tax brackets.

Personal tax calculator

Only use this tool to get a sense of tax rates.

It is not a rough estimate. It doesn’t take many factors into account.

BC 2021 Personal Marginal Income Tax Rates

Click the button below to see the rates.

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